«I hate the samurai. A samurai deprives a farmer of his profits, believing it to be his birthright. But the farmer is the one who creates the wealth in the first place. »
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Welcome to this site dedicated to Sampei Shirato sensei's works. In these pages you will find various stuff (graphic and divulgative) about him and his titles. To know more about the site, visit the History section. I remind you that all the textes you will find here are mine, and that I have composed them with great difficulty because of the lack of information about Shirato and his mangas: I am willing to share them with every fan, but please don't copy them elsewhere without my consent.
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Lan Awn Shee


Here it is, a super-fast update - not really that rich, it's true, but I'm leaving in August, so I want you to have things to read until September comes: as usual, first of all there is the new chapter of L'Isola di Sugaru, Due ninja. Ah, by the way, I've decided to give up with the direct download of the chapters. In the end, SendSpace - in spite of its limits - was one of the best solutions, so since now on you can read the scanlations online, and that's all. Just in case, you can ask me by mail and I'll send you the archives you want.
More, even if I should do that later, I've added something new in the section about Ninja Bugeicho: it's a brief historical outline about Sengoku period - nothing complicated, but I hope it will be useful for you to understand what happened in those years (the english translation will arrive soon, I swear!).

Lan Awn Shee, 30th July 2009